Senin, 22 Februari 2016

Education to Build A Better Future

Education is always develop every sec. Education can be a reject progression of an economic level of countries. Education can make people more useful. Education can change the world. So in the other words, education is the most necessary for all.

First, because education always develop, in every year even month, there are always born the newest commodity, such as smartphones, the households, and many more.  Because the globalization, human necessary always increase in a big percentage every year. That was the one of factor that make education is always develop. For example, in the past, people should take a photo with minutes long, with a big camera, and high price,. But now, because the development of education, if we want to take a photo, we just need one-three seconds, with small camera or with piece of techonology that called smartphone, and with low price.

Second, that’s right if the economic level is depends on the education peoples in some countries have. With education, peoples can make the newest thing that human need like I said before, and also the pricelist of the newest thing is not inexpensive that we imagine. The more newest things, the more expensive that, just small of mount people that can buy that things. For example, between the 90’s cars and 21’s cars, you can see the different right? The 90’s car, it made with an old machine, years to years, the idustry of machine always develop too, it should take some educational enggineer to developing the machine, or in the other word, developing the function of old machine. Also, the price is growth. That’s why the newest car is very very expensive. And, if the countries always bring the newest car every years, it will brings the devise of country increase.  So, if the countries have a lot of educational people, it will bring the countries to a high economic level.

Third, education can make people useful. After what i have pass, many experience that I can take. You can be a singer,  but you should learn how to sing, how to make people happy with your voice, how to blowing others mind with your song. It takes a time to do that all, it takes knowledge to learn that, so its takes education too. Who says just a doctor, engineer, and scientist that need education? You can be a fashion esigner, illustrator, programmer, or anything that you want, and that all need education. Fashion designer should know what the best of mode in this decade, know the best textile that should he or she put on her design. Illustrator needs to know how to make game, or film to make peoples love that, or we always say it with eye catching. Programmer, he should now the base of computer, mechine, and other, because if he did that, not only game that he make, even he can make a robots that can be useful in human world. But, if a peoples know nothing, what he can do? What would he brings to the world? so that’s right if educational peoples are useful .

And the last, I would be brave that education can make the world change. Because, all of what I said before, it support the changes of the world. if all the educational peoples collaborated, I’m sure the world will going to incridible world. enggineer, doctor, programmer, chef, architect, fashion designer, interrior designer, and many other job, they will work hard in their job world and make the best result for the world.

Rabu, 13 Januari 2016

Television, can you handle it?

Television is a technology  that give you visual entertainment. From years to years, the development of television is always attract peoples. From old tv that just show you a black and white film and cube shape until a newer thin television that give you 3d effect on it. There are many genres that you can watch from television, like animation, news, film, and any other.
With television, you can make your free time better. if you get boring when you do something, you can refresh your mind with animation, or anything that you like. When you should stay at home all day, you can watch tv. And what’s more important is, you can known the newest news from the other side worldwide.  That give you many information.
But sometime, we can get bad impact from tv. Like, because the new schedule of movies that you like was coming, your time managing become in disorder. Or just because you feel too lazy to do your task, you can watch tv all day long and ignore your task even forgot it. And then the shows, because of the globalization, it makes the culture of the other side worldwide exchange very easly and fast. And sometimes, some country can’t handle the globalization well. Moreover, some shows give you too-young-to-know something, just like pshyco, sadist, and porn is become usual to see, that’s impact our children’s brain that still develop in his age.
So I think, television give you good impact if you can use it wisely. But it’s harder to handle because the globalization. So you should try harder and harder every time. Anything that we can handle wisely, it becomes an advantages for us.

Sabtu, 14 November 2015

Heart-Mind, Grateful, and Peace

In this world, more people life means more opinion, definitely about "peace". Some people argue that peace is some kind about love, friends, and no war. But in my opinion, peace not just kind of that, not just when you fall in love, or when you feels comfortable with someone or some places. The meaning is more than that, because peace is... when you can be grateful of what you have now.

Like quote says "you never know what you have until you lose it". If you can't be grateful of what you have now, you never enjoy your life, you never feels comfort of anything around you. You always feels something in your mind isn't fulfill yet. And definitely you will pursue your ambition no matter what would happen at the next time. And when you reach your ambition, you will have another ambitions and also, another problems. It's like a cycle, and you'll trapped on that.

But there is one way to get out of that cycle, and that is... Be a grateful person. Be grateful of your abilities, be grateful of your agility, and be grateful of your things that you have. Many peoples out there can't feel what you feels, can't be able to do something what you can do, and can't have something what you have.
Even some peoples already lost all of what they have in the past.

But be a grateful person isn't like easy as we can pronounce in our mouth, it will be hard if we not start it with our heart and mind, yes, heart and mind is the key. With heart and mind, you can feels the positive energy flew in your blood and the positive energy will bring you to smile, happiness , and peace.

At the point, you have to use you heart and mind as a key, be grateful, and then you'll found what the real peace is.

"You didn't have to find peace in out there, because peace is always stay in your heart and your mind" 

Are You a Good Leader?

Everybody has his own opinion about "a good leader", and now i will share you about my opinion.
A good leader should had some characteristics.

First, a good leader should know his strength and his weakness. Whenever someone can't knowing their self in good, they can't do what should he/she have to do, they didn't know how the best way to fix a problem even their own problems. And usually, the people like that is always stay quite in the fear, fear of being wrong, it is like "i didn't know what i have to do, so i prefer to be quite rather than i wrong". That's no problem but.. You have to try even it just a little bit, like a song lyrics "if you never try, you'll never know" - fix you by coldplay. Haha i love that song.

Second, a good leader should be able to read a situation perfectly. In a situation, definitely there is problems (how big or small that, it depends on how someone can solve it). And just some special people can solve those problems, yeah and that is who can read the situation perfectly. Someone who can do that, he/she had a potential to become a good leader, they can see the best way to solve problems and know what he /she have to do. They can think clearly, give the best solution for all, and do what he/she says before with good when the others was panic. 

And the last, a good leader should know and be brave to take the consequences of what he or she do. Just like what i said, there are many problem in many situation. To think the consequences of what all we have done, its difficult. You should consider all of possibilities and the obstacles. Not even that, you must approximating the impact for short and long, for the others, and of course for your self. And the most important is you have to be brave to take the consequences. Well, brave in this context is positive ok.

At the point , we should knowing our self in good, our strength and weakness, can able to read a situation perfectly, and be brave to take the consequences of what we have done to be a good leader. 

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way" -John C.Maxwell 

Kamis, 18 Juni 2015


I have interviewed someone a few days ago, she is an entrepreneur under 30 that can be categorized success, and.. here she is! 

The center one is Armita Sunaryo

Her name is Armita Sunaryo , she studied at kriya textile school of ITB and now, she has an own corner store at Jl. Wira angun-angun, Bandung. And the name of the store is Arromanis. Here below the result of interview about Arimita and her business!

When Arromanis corner store begin?
Actually Arromanis has been establised since 2011, but I recently plunge into the “cupcakes world” in 2014. In detail, when I was holiday in New York City at september 2011, that day was my bestfriend brithday, and I’m trying to bake some cupcakes from ingridients in New York, and you know? It’s success! Everybody likes my own cupcakes, include the british.. and that’s the reason why I began to bake this cupcakes.  

Why you choose this sector?  Why not the other?
Actually plunge into the “cupcakes world” was an accident. At the past, I was exposed to the disease of hepatitis A, and I extremely should eat very sweet food or drink. Because of that, my parents and my friends took me some cakes like Black forest cake and Tart. But surely I didn’t like a chocolate or anything like that. Finally, I drink very sweet tea. I remember 2011 is the year of red velvet, just to amuse, I’m googling about red velvet. Directly I want that cupcake, but how can I get that cupcake? Because the cupcake just available in Jakarta, and I think, in Bandung there’s nothing  store that selling a red velvet cupcake. And.. from this accident I decided to plunge into the “cupcakes world”
Why you choose “Arromanis” as the name of your store?
At the first time, that was so hard to get the name. Because to found a name in bahasa that agree with the style of my cupcake isn’t easy like eat. I begin with my own name “Armita”, but then I get an idea to pick a name of cotton candy (in bahasa is : Arromanis), I think Arromanis is like the top of my cupcake. 
Did you had any problems at this whole time? Like a rival maybe?
Until now, Alhamdulillah I never had a problem. If rival is exactly have but I think they’re just like a friends to me. If he or she sell something like me, just “come on! We go forward together” . 

How much cost that we have to pay for?
It depends on your order, like cake, or cake pops, and many more. But mostly prices is between 9k-10k rupiahs.

Did you ever have lose out?
Nope, I never lose out till now Alhamdulillah

I’m so sorry before, but can I know how much you can gain every month?
Hmm.. about 1000k until 1500k rupiahs per month

Did you have a plan for the future Arromanis?
Actually I want to open a new outlet, but with different theme. It’s like a healthy dessert or another.

What are your dreams?
Rotate for business again and at the same time I want to developing the store of cupcake in Bandung. Maybe in fashion too because I have a passion at those two. And actually in this case, culinary and fashion is a business  that never going to the end in the human life.

Arromanis Corner Store Bandung


Do you want drink juice and water? Or maybe tea? Coffee? But you can’t bring more than one bottle at the same time? 
That’s your problem? 

You should know that here we are to solved you problem with….. Bombyz!
Bombyz  is our new product! It’s 3 in 1! You can put every drink that you want to bring! Don’t afraid of mixed and leak because we serve Bombyz with separate tube and high quality transparent plastic as the material.

Bombyz has three different colors! Aqua marine, magenta, and light green!  
And… you can grab it just only for 100 k rupiahs! 
For future information, you can call the cp at the poster below